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Criss Cross 01:34
A frame of an empty glass Criss cross in crossing crimes Unholy pain, pain and lust Satisfaction from dust to dust Myself, get it over My life is open wide Myself, looking forward I hate it when you lie Unajusted ejaculated mind To try no more and I cut myself blind
Abomination 03:30
(DIS-claimer: the lyrics of this song are written in the point-of-view of your everyday ignorant asshole and should not to be taken seriously. Project Dekadenz never believes in this kind of bullshit and will always be antifascist, antiracist, antihomophobic, antitransphobic, anti-hate!) ⒶⒶⒶ⚑⚑⚑ Fuck the hungry, fuck the poor I want to be systems whore My narrow-mindness, my ignorance They lead me to my decadence Bomb for oil, nuke the whales Fuck equal rights, fund the jails Watch TV, break my wings Let's go buy some useless things Gays and blacks are who to blame And I will be a loyal slave Our police force, our president Gotta' love your government Xenophobia is my religion All is true in television I will be a jerk, I will be a goon I will be societys doom Don't talk shit about our righteous government Kiss our prime ministers face while I live in poverty I ignore their greed, I don't want to be free They're the killers of youth They abolish the truth It will be my demise, if I think otherwise I'll never intervene, I don't want to be free My mind is hollow, As I blindly follow I remain unseen And I'm forced to bleed I am abomination Bow down to a shitty nation
These seeds you sow, Blind me in rage Display yourself And you will see the end You, you're oblivious about the truth Know, we are waiting for you to die Aknowledge yourself: you mean nothing to me Fuck, abolish yourself Back to the drawing board So, you've chosen to bring havoc No! Aknowledge yourself: you mean nothing to me Fuck, something went wrong Back to the drawing board Justice has already died Only way out is suicide Bow to my will, no-one can help All you can do is to kill yourself Aknowledge youself - mean nothing to me Want to see your body bleed Outer shell - just a disguise Fuck me over - your demise
Silmad Maha 01:27
Kus oled sa? Kes oled sa? Kui neil vaja on sind arreteerida? On mu kuritööks see, et julgesin ma Meie ülimat võimu küsitleda Pane suu lukku, sa räpane ori Su tallun talla alla kui kuivanud pori Sul ei meeldi me võim? Sa oled fašist! Sind suudab vaid päästa kapitalism Nad teevad, mis tahavad, nemad on seadus Nad on me isad, nemad on headus Nemad on kohus, nemad on õiglus Nad on süsteem, nemad on haigus Silmad maha, kummarda mu ees Juhiks olemine on minu privileeg Täida mu käske, ära tee palju kära Ära hakka vastu, kaotame su ära Kes päästaks küll meid? Meil on politseiriik Prioriteediks on võimueliit Ära karda, Ära alla anna
Antidote 03:11
Too stubborn to give up Living in the ruins of this existence Rejecting your false, sick propaganda Glad to be forever you menace As you suffer my presence I present to you my struggle for justice I am the sound of thousands in pain You are that egoistic greed Fighting for freedom, never giving up As you try to hide your rotten face Don't think you're god amongst men Let your face welome my fist of justice You have no purpose in your life All I want to do is end it with a knife We don't need for you to stay alive Do us a favor and fucking die
Arrythmic grinding in my chest My hangovers are the world's best I have no idea about yesterdays voyage I feel like shit, please give me bullets Bruised from fights I could easily avoid Now lying in bed moaning and paranoid Hitting on everyone, thought I was slick Cant even get up to go and take a shit Thirsty as fuck, weak as a kitten Taste in my mouth is so fucking bitter Shaking all over, looking hideous Is it too late to become religious? Who were those guys I was with? I lay in the bed and I cry a little bit Try to fall asleep and I pray That hopefully I will see the next day Down on all fours I crawl around in corridors Hangover is my hit Can't get up to take a shit


Recorded in 2015, released in 2019. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Remi Teras, guest vocals on "Abomination" done by Toomas Loide. Line-up at the time of recording:

Billy - Vocals
Fen - Guitar
Siim Parisoo - Guitar, backing vocals
Siim Raudsepp - Bass guitar
Stirru - Drums


released July 20, 2019

Thanks to Remi Teras, Toomas Loide and everybody else that have supported us throughout the years!




Project Dekadenz Tartu, Estonia

Project Dekadenz is aggressively flickering flame among social problems. Our aim is to seed society's heart with rebellious fetus. Just as we support primitive society, we make corresponding music. Fast, agressive and primitive 'in your face' tactic could cause you an heart attack and thus makes the rythm drabbling and raunchy as it is appropriate to d-beat. ... more

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