Bullets of Peace

by Project Dekadenz

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  • Project Dekadenz - Bullets of Peace
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    First full album. Sounds like D-beat/Punk/Crust/HC/Sludge/Doom

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This album is our first album what is diy made in our own rehersal room with the equiment we had. The music in album varies a bit since we tried to find ourselfs. But it definetly has some d-beat with other kind of elements.


released April 1, 2012




Project Dekadenz Tartu, Estonia

Project Dekadenz is aggressively flickering flame among social problems. Our aim is to seed society's heart with rebellious fetus. Just as we support primitive society, we make corresponding music. Fast, agressive and primitive 'in your face' tactic could cause you an heart attack and thus makes the rythm drabbling and raunchy as it is appropriate to d-beat. ... more

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Track Name: Pill Artillery
Harassing it just for the show
In need of missiles of love
Until braindeath

Pill artillery - Suffocating me
Oh, amazing me
Track Name: Gory Glory
Cockroach kingdom
Situation in need
God's my servant
Satan is my master
Stars above us
Sun beneath us
Earth aroun us
Love injection
World of pus
Gory glory
Leaning towards death
Track Name: Cancer Of Society
Goverment lies, police brutality
White supermacy, a cancer of society
Child abtuction, animal abuse
Is this really the life you choose?

Democracy is taking us nowhere
Extreme religion and chemical warfare

Authorities and politicians are calling us fools
Gay people are being ridiculed
Human rights and world peace are just a dream
Scumbags in flightjackets destroy our scene

No one cares what you have to say
But media says that everything is okay
Track Name: Peace Through Violence
Long have we been deceased
Have felt an hostile squeeze
Unite as one as sharp fist
Scare away the dark mist
Push down the barrier oh so vile
Lead the kings to exile
Break one's born with a silver spoon
Lead them to ultimate doom

Shatter a kingdom
Kill for freedom

This place was once a peaceful land
Until it was ruled by an evil hand
And so, the terror has been seen
A crowned head is cut down with a guillotine
Track Name: Bullets Of Peace
The kids have gathered here tonight
Extreme and amazing warfare
Artillery of tolerance
Bullets of peace

Bullets of peace for a better mankind
Bullets of peace, only good will survive

Ripping through flesh with love
Changes the face of the world
Supersonic flora
Lock and load

Heroes ride the bloodcolored night
A new revolution is born
Lock and load, bullets of peace
Lock and load, bullets of peace
Track Name: Drugcore
Death days to our land of nature
Sickening to the pools of vomit
Sucking the fists of unfair justice
Giving birth on the land of waste

Hanging the rich and burning the poor
Drowning into the lies and shit

My way through
A wound

Giving the mace to the head of slavery
Rising the passion to envy the free
Scarring the eyes of the wizard
Freeing the world with my essence
Track Name: Euthanasia
I am shame to my people
I am disgrace to this race
I can still amaze all
I will take your place

I feel sorry for you all
But how blind can you be?
Life is worth living after all
You're being held down you see

I'll come in disguise
And to the whole world to see
I will open your eyes
You all will come with me

And as society bursts to flames
I watch with maniacal grin
These are just my amusement games
And I feel that I might win

As people fall in masses
It truly seems like the end
Shivering explosions and noxious gasses
With diyng masses I attend

This is all part of my plan
The world is on they're knees
And by the death of last man
The world will know peace
Track Name: Salt
The rotting menace of my infection
This magic salt, hostile injection
A crystal juice is working my brain
A crystal juice is collapsing my veins

Leading my way to my tripping revolution
Pushing my way to my own execution

As I choke on this rope of crystal meth
Providing to this posession to be my death
My pain and fear in this powder i hide
Ending my life with sadistic suicide

Burning flavours of my body scorching me
Eerie vision around me feeding me
And everyone will tribute my bravery
And i drift away to my last extasy

I feel divine
Track Name: Greed Circle Is Closed
You rush through the corridors like deranged, nervous, diseased dogs.
Growth victims, twisted youth. you can never escape, no you can never escape

Plotting and planning conspiracies - cadaverous faces behind the scenes.
But they can never get away, they can never get away.

Their promises to the next generation - deadlock and helplessness
I’m your presence and future, product of ignorance.

End stop here- Get off the train. Greed circle is closed
We wont rest until the capitalistic production line is closed

I am a menace who has taken on the world
I am a menace who is not here alone.
Fighting for my life, fighting to survive
Getting off the train cause i want to feel alive.
Track Name: Wine And Acid
The words you spoke to me, they reprecent blasphemy
And im feeling myslead
And all ive got to see is pschycical anatomy
inside me i feel shred

Assassination on dreams, i hear your voice it screams
As it fades to black there is no turning back
And my world inverts

The words you spoke to me, they reprecent blasphemy
And it leads me nowhere
And all ive got to see is pschycic anatomy
I cant find you nowhere

You ruined my life and you have to face it
And now youre on your knees drinking acid
I realized that youre a whore
Under your soft skin is a hard core

The words you spoke to me, they reprecent blasphemy
And in silence im consuming wine
And all, ive got to see is pschycic anatomy
And now im gonna shine
Track Name: Dirty Days On Drugs
A molded soul
Forbidden love and suicide
An eerie ghoul
Moral arson and homicide

As I walk on needles on path of rust
I'm eating bullets smoking dust
A mental escape
Self-harm and green fog
A mental rape
Dirty days on drugs

Suffering from depression
Necrophilia and masturbation
I shall be perished no more
Until I become sore

A bullet that I love so much
Where have you been
Everywhere its rust

I'm insane
And feel nothing to this world
It's not my pain
And forever I will burn
Track Name: Supilinnapäevad
Tead mida,
Supilinn, supilinn
Track Name: Under The Sword
Christianity, a mental illusion
Fuelled by egoistic desperation
Sick love for sadistic lord
Under the sword

God in my veins
Hate in my veins

I will dismember, thats what my lord wants
Enslave the world

Boosting racism and homofobia
Corporations are pulling strings on masohistic mania
Lodging evil lies to our minds
Rotting mankind