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released September 1, 2013




Project Dekadenz Tartu, Estonia

Project Dekadenz is aggressively flickering flame among social problems. Our aim is to seed society's heart with rebellious fetus. Just as we support primitive society, we make corresponding music. Fast, agressive and primitive 'in your face' tactic could cause you an heart attack and thus makes the rythm drabbling and raunchy as it is appropriate to d-beat. ... more

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Track Name: My Ocean
The masterpiece of your own
Seems so harmless, sink
It's in your brain your own technology
Seems so harmful and fake
I paint my walls with love
Scream into the mirror of dawn
I can see the dreams above
My ocean, my ocean of blood.
Track Name: Death Police
Pigs in uniforms with malicious intentions
Beating you up with pleasure
Marionettes of the Man. no human but robot
Fuck you, you are death police
Death police, I am rust in your machine
Death police, I'm not a cog in your system
You laugh at human rights
You thing you can get away with anything
We are here te show you
We are here to end you
Fuck your authority
Fuck your machine
Fuck your system
You are death police.
Track Name: Homophobic Hangover
There is a disease infecting our society
A pure form of direct hatred
Ignorant boneheads spreading violence
Homophobic fascists owning this world
Spoiling our children with bigoted propaganda
Seeding media with narrow minded principles
It's time to take action against these assholes
Liberate your mind and fight for a tolerant world
Stand united against prejudice
Eliminate this unwanted hazard

Fight for humanity!
Track Name: Assassinate Authority
Greedy bastards
Evicting squats
Closing down schools and hospitals
Right-wing bastards are using police
(To solve their personal problems)
You don't know the forces you're dealing with
(I am your personal problem)
Turning our town into industrial area
(Dead industrial wasteland)
Take your greed and shove it up your arse
Assassinate authority!
How long have you abused your position
We are the force to bring you down
Track Name: Disable a God
Let yourself go, disable a god
Break yourself free, disable a god
Track Name: Flowers of Revolution
Don't let them keep you down
Don't be their fucking slave
Behind their smiling mask
Lies a reeking shitpile.

We are the flowers, the flowers of revolution
We are the heroes, heroes of the world

Fuck their sympathy,
they just want to keep you down
Fuck their promises,
It's all lies that will murder you

Kill capitalism - burn all banks
Kill the governments - cut their throats
Kill all authority - cut your chains
This is the new free world.
Track Name: I Bleed Protein
Victim of war
A casualty is raw
The men are tired
In need of peace not gunfire

We should be there by now
Screaming in pain is not allowed
The law misguides us
Its a wrong messiah
Schemes of conspiracy
I wont die before I fight

I bleed protein
Toxic system kills me
Who is wrong and what is true
I don't know, fuck, it's doomsday
So serious when I cut the finger
Cigarette will burn for fun forever
Death dance, singer will never say never
A heartwarming panic attack
Track Name: D-Day(Apocalypse)
Around the corner I step into the dark
The blood on my face is hiding the scars
Melodrama evening, this face does not forget
That bastard pig who hit me
Is a little shit

I wont forgive

Dragging my heavy feet into the haze
Salty air causes excrutiating pain

I wont forgive

I got fucked up this evening
Shit thrown in my face
No self redeeming
Track Name: Spreading The Disease
Dead look that only gets deader
Never get your priorities together
Live a life with forced dreams
Roaming this earth, spreading the disease
Ignorant to the bone, locked in a cage
Prisoner of your own destructive sage
Materialistic lust, bottomless greed
Waste of a man, spreading the disease
Brainwashed by media, loyal to the law
Blinded by success, until your life comes to dawn
Suffer the system until youre on your knees
Destroying yourself, spreading the disease
Track Name: Twelve Flames(Through The Heavens)
I wish to hurl out vengence
Smite angels towards inferno
God's children have been beheaded
Twelve flames trough the heavens

Strangels the fabric of time and space
Subliminal message in the face of god
Dissassemble the spectrum of colour
I shall applaud the implosion of Innerverse

Waves as high as titans
Last days of culture and elder gods
Seas and moons, inhale
a necropolis built from bloody daggers

Raging fire on haunted vessel
Dead soul begging for more
New born being passive-aggressive
And stars shine so brightly
Track Name: Friends not Food
I don't eat my friends why should you?
I don't wear them, they're not a decoration
I don't keep them in fucking pens like a fucking prisoner
I love them more than you, asshole

You only use them for your shitty money
Like they have no feelings at all
What makes you think your life is better than theirs?
You immoral shithead, bastard, cunt.
Track Name: We Are Fuck You
You look pretty
I am your god
I look shitty
Your false god
You look pretty
We are fuck you
You look pretty
I'm hypnotised
I look shitty
So paralyzed
You look pretty
We are fuck you

As I walk on the needles on path of rust
I'm eating bullets, smoking dust

Paralyzed, my mental pollution
Hypnotised, suicidal solution
Today, my words will drug you
Tomorrow, we are fuck you.